Yan Heim
Coldwell Banker Realty


"Yan is professional, dedicated, patient and kind. She helped us understand the housing market and explained the pros and cons of each property that we were interested. She offered very valuable advice so that we could get the most out of our budget. Yan continued to help with the remodeling after the close to ensure a smooth transition"

- Ethel Z.



"We couldn't be happier with Yan as our listing agent. Yan worked out a detailed timeline after the first visit and executed the action items impeccably. With years of real-estate experience, thorough understanding of the market, and extensive knowledge in finance, Yan handled the entire process  with meticulous attention to details and professionalism. Our property was listed and sold (closed) within 30 day. It was our first time as sellers; however, Yan has made this daunting task a stress-free experience. At the same time, we learned so much from her. We have recommended her to all of our friends and family with real-estate service needs, as we couldn’t have asked for a more responsive, resourceful and pleasant agent to represent us."

- The Baumans



"Until I met Yan I had never sold a house. With the passing of both my parents within a year I had 2 houses I needed to sell and I was admittedly clueless. She walked my brothers and I through the process step by step, clearly spelled out details and was always ready to assist. Communication was  excellent and always quick. All questions were answered patiently. All phone calls were returned promptly. Since one house was the family home of 63 years there was work that needed to be done before sale. Everything was coordinated by Yan flawlessly since we all lived out of town. When 22 Offers came pouring in she calmly sat and explained the process. Since working with Yan I have had to sell yet another house with a different agent in another distant County. It is only at this point of comparison that I now fully realize what a Gem we had with Yan. With this last sale I constantly felt out of the loop and confused. A sensation I never experienced with Yan. Highly Recommend."

- Robin B.



"I highly recommend working with Yan Heim. Her attention to detail and care for her clients is incredible. She helped with a rental in getting the CAR agreement together. She also helped prepare with the sale of the home in getting together everything that was needed including all inspections and  estimates for work that needed to be done. She will do everything that’s in her client’s best interest to get the best price for a sale of a home. She also helped with a purchase of a home and she made sure that everything went through on schedule. She made us confident that this was the best home for us in our price range. She is smart and knows the business inside and out!"

- Selva Robyn